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Homemade Hookah Diffusers Make Smoke Rings Even Easier

Homemade hookah diffusers are making it even easier for users to create premium-levels of smoke, perfect for tricks like smoke rings and ghosting.

As in-home hookahs have become a more prolific trend among middle-aged demographics, so have the wealth of DIY projects springing up across the internet. One of the most popular hookah modifications that has taken hold of hookah-users everywhere is the homemade hookah diffuser.

A diffuser, fixed to the bottom end of the hookah’s stem, is a mechanical device intended to diffuse the bubble stream into a plethora of smaller streams, quieting each pull, and producing a cooler, thicker smoke for the user.

Among the benefits of thicker smoke is dramatic advantage to those performing age-old smoking tricks. One such trick is the smoke ring, an enchanting party trick that provides entertainment for both the smoker and those around them.

While so many methods for creating a hookah diffuser have arisen, none have been embraced like the simple bendy-straw method. By attaching a bundle of straws to the bottom of a hookah stem, smokers are finding that they can quickly and cheaply split their bubble stream into 7 or more streams, both through the straws, as well as in the space between them. While this method may not create the diffusion generated by mass-produced diffusers, its extreme affordability and ease of creation and replication has made this the favorite DIY hookah diffuser of in-home smokers.


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This is really cool and very creative. Seriously hookah creativity knows no bounds.

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How to tear your aluminum foil…

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